• 19Nov

    I love American Thanksgiving. Why you ask? Because we get two days off and it feels like an actual holiday. Starting on Wednesday afternoon things begin to wind down (some would argue the whole week is a little slow) and for four days life becomes about hanging out with the family, eating well and generally enjoying your surroundings. In Canada we have Thanksgiving too (it actual pre-dates the US holiday) but since it is just one day off it feels more like a long weekend with the opportunity to stuff yourself. Plus since we reside in NYC this year we will be checking out the parade and the massive balloon characters live. Should be a blast!

  • 06Nov

    It seems like over the last several months and especially weeks I have been meeting a ton of new people. I have gone through times like this in the past (moving to a new city, starting a company, etc) but this time is different in that it is all largely based off of social media (think Facebook, Twitter, blogging, etc). My new friends vary hugely in age, occupation, geography and pretty much other thing you could think of. Some are still only friends through one forum yet others have transcended most of the forums and now can actually be considered “real world” friends (whatever that means now). Whether it has been one off business/networking lunches with people I meet online or attending whole events focused around it I am really enjoying this new social experience. Looking forward to connecting with tons more of you in the near future.

  • 13Oct

    Went and saw an old friend from high school at a Students for a Free Tibet benefit on Wednesday. I have mentioned Lhadon on here before when she was being ejected from China for her pro Tibet work. They gave a very moving talk and hosted us with some drinks and appys before and after. The timing was good I guess and Lhadon offered us tickets to go see the Dalai Lama while he is in town giving teachings. Lana and I are splitting them up as one of us has to stay and cover the girls. I am going to a teaching today with Todd and then another tomorrow with Murray. Lana is going to go to the last talk which is a public talk on peace and prosperity.

    I am really looking forward to it and will try to give my impressions of it here afterwards.

  • 05Oct

    Well it took about a week and a half to get back on top of everything but I feel like I am finally there. Not reacting to stuff rather initiating it now. Thank god because I hate not knowing what is going on or feeling out of the loop. Seems like when you leave for a bit things are never the way you left them :-)

    On another note we have a friend in from out of town. Todd is hanging out at Murray’s house for the next 10 days or so and if the last trip was any indication we better stock up on beer (and I mean lots of it). With babulya coming down Lana should be able to get out for a night or two with us all as well. Woohoo!

  • 29Sep

    Well we made it back from the vacation safe and sound. It was nice to take the time away and just hang with the family but it is nice to be back as well. So many things going on at work, the girls have a whole new set of classes and the city itself is buzzing. It doesnt hurt that the weather has been positively Summer like as well.

    All in all its been an excellent start to Autumn. I hope everyone else is doing well and thanks again to everybody who hosted us on our trip. It was truly a pleasure to see you all and we look forward to doing it again soon eh!

  • 14Aug

    Jeff Pulver has a blog post up detailing his frustrations with an experience he had while trying to exchange a TV at Best Buy and subsequently their poor customer service.

    I get this all the time. The interesting part to me is to see the difference between big chains and smaller operations. Living in NYC we are lucky to get a lot of exposure to the smaller operations. Whether they be delis, electronics/computer stores, restaurants etc it seems that NY has an extensive number of independent businesses. In almost all cases I find there to be intense customer service on the part of the smaller outfits and quite the opposite at the larger end of the scale.

    But back to Jeff. In his case he bought a TV, didnt open it for 40+ days and then when he did it turned out to be broken. When he tried to return it the entire store seemed to not give a crap about his problems. The first problem is that their customer service really let him down. They obviously dont know this in the store but Jeff is a gadget freak. I imagine the guy spends more on electronics in a year than some small countries. For that reason alone they should have tried to appease him. Their second and larger problem is that Jeff is now telling his story to his audience on the web. Again, Best Buy probably doesnt know this either, but Jeff has a HUGE audience, many of whom have met him and person and genuinely respect him. The only way Best Buy can recover from this is to listen to Jeff’s story and get him a new TV. If they want to take it a step further maybe they would even address the apathy displayed regularly by some of their employees (in all fairness I have had some very good experiences with Best Buy employees).

  • 08Aug

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Lhadon Tethong since we went to highschool together. I just read on her blog that she was detained recently by the Chinese authorities while traveling in Beijing. Here is a snippet from the beginning of the press release and also a link to her blog.


    Hong Kong – On the day of the one-year countdown to the Beijing 2008 Olympics, Lhadon Tethong, a prominent Tibetan independence activist and the Executive Director of Students for a Free Tibet, was detained in Beijing. Ms. Tethong was picked up by Chinese authorities together with her colleague Paul Golding, a long-time advocate of Tibetan freedom, and taken to a Beijing police station. MORE

    You go Lhad!

  • 30Jul

    We did it. We finally booked our trip up to Canada. The last time we went there on vacation was when Emma was about 3 months old (about 3 years ago actually). That trip saw about a dozen or more people migrate up to Edmonton to see us (or more realistically Emma).

    This time we are heading to the coast of BC to see everyone. It should be pretty neat. Flying into Seattle then taking the Coho from Port Angeles to the town I grew up in, Victoria. Should be a whirlwind of good times and good people kicking off with Lana’s bday on the 12th.

    We cannot wait to get up there and see everyone. The last time I visited Victoria was for a funeral and the time before that for a wedding. Both times were very rushed and didnt provide much time to visit. Looking forward to getting a chance to really catch up with everyone!

  • 03Jun
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    I just checked my email account listed in the admin for this blog. There were a bunch of comments awaiting moderation. Funny part is that I was wondering if anyone was listening. Grace, Becky, Todd, Chris and Charles, thank you very much for coming out! Everyone else, feel free to comment away. I promise they will get moderated much more quickly going forward!

    Thanks again commentors! Made my evening.

  • ban

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    My buddy Todd started a blog about nothing (ban). Not much there yet but expect, well, probably not a lot.

    You can check it out here. And hey if youre his good friend you can even convince him to write inane blog posts for you.