• 26Dec
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    Jason Calacanis pretty much says it all in his blog post here. Cigna f$#%ing sucks!

  • 14Aug

    Jeff Pulver has a blog post up detailing his frustrations with an experience he had while trying to exchange a TV at Best Buy and subsequently their poor customer service.

    I get this all the time. The interesting part to me is to see the difference between big chains and smaller operations. Living in NYC we are lucky to get a lot of exposure to the smaller operations. Whether they be delis, electronics/computer stores, restaurants etc it seems that NY has an extensive number of independent businesses. In almost all cases I find there to be intense customer service on the part of the smaller outfits and quite the opposite at the larger end of the scale.

    But back to Jeff. In his case he bought a TV, didnt open it for 40+ days and then when he did it turned out to be broken. When he tried to return it the entire store seemed to not give a crap about his problems. The first problem is that their customer service really let him down. They obviously dont know this in the store but Jeff is a gadget freak. I imagine the guy spends more on electronics in a year than some small countries. For that reason alone they should have tried to appease him. Their second and larger problem is that Jeff is now telling his story to his audience on the web. Again, Best Buy probably doesnt know this either, but Jeff has a HUGE audience, many of whom have met him and person and genuinely respect him. The only way Best Buy can recover from this is to listen to Jeff’s story and get him a new TV. If they want to take it a step further maybe they would even address the apathy displayed regularly by some of their employees (in all fairness I have had some very good experiences with Best Buy employees).

  • 08Aug

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Lhadon Tethong since we went to highschool together. I just read on her blog that she was detained recently by the Chinese authorities while traveling in Beijing. Here is a snippet from the beginning of the press release and also a link to her blog.


    Hong Kong – On the day of the one-year countdown to the Beijing 2008 Olympics, Lhadon Tethong, a prominent Tibetan independence activist and the Executive Director of Students for a Free Tibet, was detained in Beijing. Ms. Tethong was picked up by Chinese authorities together with her colleague Paul Golding, a long-time advocate of Tibetan freedom, and taken to a Beijing police station. MORE

    You go Lhad!

  • 11Jun

    This goes out to the Georgia attorney general. I don’t normally get caught too caught up in mainstream news but some things really just bug me.

    Not sure who out there has been following the Genarlow Wilson case but for those of you who have you know that a kid is sitting in prison for little reason other than an antiquated law and an extremely overzealous prosecution. For those of you don’t know what I am talking about here is a link to the recent story on CNN about the case.

    Basically it comes down to two teens having consensual sex and one of them being placed in jail for 10 years and labeled as a sex offender. Never mind that this would probably have gone nowhere had Genarlow been white but the law that he was prosecuted under has been replaced.

    Yesterday a judge basically freed Genarlow based on the absurdities of the case and punishment. The attorney general then took it upon himself to further detain him based on knit picking legalities. Motivations for doing this escape me. That is why I stick by statement in the title, what an ass.

    UPDATED: Looks like others had pretty much the same sentiment to make about Thurbert Baker (the AG for Georgia). Check out other reactions here, here and here.