• 29Feb


    Well after having used my Macbook Air for quite some time I have to say it really rocks. I have had it in meetings, carried it all around, used it on the go and it has been my primary machine at home the whole time (I do have an iMac at work as well). I have not been hampered in any way by the lack of extra ports or media drive (over the years I have never really used them either). I feel the same way about the removable battery. I have always carried a spare but have rarely if ever used it. After having had to lug around and use a large number of different laptops in the last decade this is by far my favorite. 

  • 17Oct

    Are we in another bubble? I dont think so, at least not like the last one. A colleague sent me this article though and asked me what I thought. This is what I responded with.

    Seems like kind of a bent article. They talk about the acquisition of the ad networks/servers (which generate revenue and profits) and then in the same breath talk about 2.0 apps with little to no revenue generation. Kind of confusing the argument. I think Andreessen is right on when he says its the price of getting in on the next wave. Yes IBMs revenues may be bigger than GOOGs right now but what does the growth pattern look like for both companies? GOOG didn’t exist much more than 10 years ago and is now challenging some of the largest corps out there. The writer does a great job of molding the facts to fit the desired story though.

  • 06Sep

    Man, it seems like my upcoming vacation has really crept up on me. All of a sudden I am cramming to get all the things done that need to be done before I can safely step away. Narrowing down the must have tasks and how to accomplish them, in your absence, is always a challenge. I have found that going away seems to be when people really realize what you do (or dont do as the case may be). Luckily for Tremor we have assembled a pretty crack team on the tech side that is almost ready to run itself. I am certain they will perform splendidly in my absence (probably get more done than when I am around to pester them as well).

    On another note, the Apple invasion continues. I am typing this from an iMac. I now use windows only for testing really. The BSD ports tree for Mac combined with Quicksilver and I am finding myself enjoying computing again. Its turned it back into a passion again. See how long that lasts eh. Also if any of you happened to purchase an iphone in the last couple of weeks dont forget to phone apple and get a refund on the difference. The 20 minute wait on hold with the returns dept was well worth the $200 dollars credited back to me.

    Lastly, for those of you who dont know, I am headed up to visit family and friends in Victoria for a couple weeks starting on Monday. Posting and twittering should be light (no really, it can get even more infrequent). It should be an adventure as I havent really hung out or visited for about a decade or more (I grew up there). If you are in the Victoria area though give me a shout and we can hook up.

  • 23Aug

    What the heck happened? A few weeks ago I was chugging along in my PC existence blissfully unaware of the upcoming tech disruption in my life. Then one day, sparked off a blog post by Jeff Pulver, I started to wonder, why not a mac? So many smart and interesting people I know have been making the leap lately. My original objections were that the hardware was too expensive (not so anymore with the adoption of the intel processor), that the OS was buggy and crashed (OS X is rock solid and well matured now) and that there was not a lot of application support (again, with all the recent converts it seems like a good deal of the innovation is happening on the mac side now). That combined with the fact that it is a certified Unix under the hood and it gives me native access to all the GNU apps I have come to depend on and I was sold.

    Since making the leap and buying a macbook I have come to know and love such apps as Adium, QuickSilver, Moodswing, many others and of course the terminal.

    Oh and I also bought an iPhone 😉
    Did I mention this Apple stuff is addictive?

  • 28Jun

    Screenspace that is. In my quest to be ever more productive and very much geeky at the same time I tricked out my office a bit. Took an old receiver and speakers and installed 5:1 surround sound system. Then I added another video card to the PC and put a 3rd monitor on my desk. Something was still missing though. Since I had a connection for yet another monitor I got creative. As you can see in the picture below I bought a wall mount and put the 4th monitor on the wall. I can now drag powerpoints, videos etc up to the wall to watch or show to others.

    I don’t know how much more productive I will be but it sure is geeky!

  • 14Jun

    I love gadgets! Phones, PDAs, MP3 Players, Cameras, Camcorders, PCs, Laptops and any combination of any of the previously mentioned items are my favorite.

    I purchased the new phone recently and wound up digging out all my old phones from the last 5 years. Took a picture of them all lined up with my new camera phone.

    I find it interesting that I started with a Motorola flip phone and have reverted to them for the last couple phones (I do still keep a XV6700 Pocket PC for mobile email and of course my built in mobile broadband for my laptop).