• 01May

    Had a great night out last night with Lana. Since getting our regular babysitter back we have started to get out again and I have to say it is awesome to be in NY. Being able to step outside your door and have thousands of places to go makes date night pretty sweet (and has the added bonus of being able to be a slacker on the plans). 

    When we hit the street yesterday all we knew is that we were going to walk down to the Village and find somewhere new. This is sometimes harder than it sounds for us. After wandering all over the West Village and then down Bleecker we wound up outside a fairly nondescript restaurant called Gus’ Place. Since we both love Greek we decided to give it a shot. Turned out to be a good call. Started with some Saganaki, Lemon Soup, salad and Greek wine (all amazing, but the Saganaki won in my books). Then moved onto Souvlaki. Lana had lamb, I had chicken. Both were great. To finish it up we had some Chocolate Baclava with Greek yogurt. We will definitely be going back there :-)

  • 10Dec

    There are certain advantages to living right in the thick of things here in Manhattan. Whether it be amazing food, access to the cities parks/attractions, the nightlife or pretty much anything you can think of, it is all at your doorstep.

    This past weekend I took Emma to her first musical. It was a play based on one of her favorite cartoons, Max and Ruby. She absolutely loved it. For a whole hour she sat mesmerized by the actors singing and dancing. At the end she decided we had to go back.

    To my point though about the advantages of living where we do. To get there we hopped in a cab outside our house and got dropped off in the village. A quick walk and we were at the theater. After the show was over we walked over, found another cab and then stopped for burgers at the restaurant at the base of our building. The whole trip took less than 2 1/2 hours. It was simple easy and pleasant. Not only that but there are a dozen other things just like that that I can start taking her to now. When we lived in CT that just wasnt the case.

    I gotta say, I love NY!

  • 08Nov

    Dave Delaney on Twitter sent out a link today to a blog by a guy named Jay Charles. Jay appears to be a pretty gifted programmer/hardware hacker as he has setup a remote control car that visitors to his site can control. Through a camera attached to the car and using your arrow keys on the keyboard you get to zip around his office. No kidding. Head on over here and you will be placed in a queue to take control of the car. In his blog post comments he mentions his desire to add more cars. I cannot wait to see that and of course the tutorial of how he put it all together. Sweet!

  • 06Nov

    It seems like over the last several months and especially weeks I have been meeting a ton of new people. I have gone through times like this in the past (moving to a new city, starting a company, etc) but this time is different in that it is all largely based off of social media (think Facebook, Twitter, blogging, etc). My new friends vary hugely in age, occupation, geography and pretty much other thing you could think of. Some are still only friends through one forum yet others have transcended most of the forums and now can actually be considered “real world” friends (whatever that means now). Whether it has been one off business/networking lunches with people I meet online or attending whole events focused around it I am really enjoying this new social experience. Looking forward to connecting with tons more of you in the near future.

  • 01Nov

    Wow! That is really all I can say about Halloween in New York.

    The day started with me on the train from Boston (a little tired from a night of great fun the night before of course). Had a relatively quick board meeting then it was off to get dressed up with the girls. After much wrangling and finagling we were off to the Museum of Natural History for some trick or treating and fun. What a zoo! Kids and chaos everywhere. The girls loved it though and Emma got to see dinosaurs so the night was deemed a success. Then back on the subway, got everyone home and settled in. At that point I was tired enough to sleep but then the tweets started coming across about what a freak show the village was. My buddy Murray IMd me and that was enough to get me off the couch and out for a walk. I can say it was well worth it! I have never seen so many costumed people. The Halloween parade ended near my house so we just started walking through the crowds and wound up at Union Square on a patio having a beer watching the show. Amazing. Definitely planning to get a babysitter for next year so we can really go out and enjoy it! Pictures will be on Flickr when I get a chance.

  • 05Oct

    Well it took about a week and a half to get back on top of everything but I feel like I am finally there. Not reacting to stuff rather initiating it now. Thank god because I hate not knowing what is going on or feeling out of the loop. Seems like when you leave for a bit things are never the way you left them :-)

    On another note we have a friend in from out of town. Todd is hanging out at Murray’s house for the next 10 days or so and if the last trip was any indication we better stock up on beer (and I mean lots of it). With babulya coming down Lana should be able to get out for a night or two with us all as well. Woohoo!

  • 31Jul

    Since moving to NY three months ago we have gone out more than we did in the entire preceding 3 years. Whether it is a simple night out for appies and drinks or a trip to see the String Cheese Incident we have definitely been taking advantage of the city life. Tonight we are going to see one of Lana’s favorites, Rocco Deluca at the Bowery Ballroom.

    Cannot wait!

  • 30Jul

    We did it. We finally booked our trip up to Canada. The last time we went there on vacation was when Emma was about 3 months old (about 3 years ago actually). That trip saw about a dozen or more people migrate up to Edmonton to see us (or more realistically Emma).

    This time we are heading to the coast of BC to see everyone. It should be pretty neat. Flying into Seattle then taking the Coho from Port Angeles to the town I grew up in, Victoria. Should be a whirlwind of good times and good people kicking off with Lana’s bday on the 12th.

    We cannot wait to get up there and see everyone. The last time I visited Victoria was for a funeral and the time before that for a wedding. Both times were very rushed and didnt provide much time to visit. Looking forward to getting a chance to really catch up with everyone!

  • 09Jul

    Tim Marman comments

    Oh, as a concert, I think it had a lot of entertainment value.

    It’s the hypocrisy of all of this that kills me, and my complaint there is broader than this specific concert. Being environmentally friendly is the “hip” thing to do, but it’s this “do as I say not as I do” attitude that kills me.

    Gore and others preach the value of conservation, but then at the same time refuse to change their own behavior.

    Sometimes it’s about leading by example. Someone commented on my rant that they apparently DID try to do things more eco-friendly, but the fact remains that – awareness aside – these same people are setting a terrible example.

    Two examples mentioned (http://urltea.com/xue): Madonna has “a fleet of cars, including a fuel-guzzling Range Rover”, and “the
    car-loving rapper Snoop Dogg, who will play in Hamburg, appeared in a commercial for US automaker Chrysler last year”.

    Yeah, I hear you.

    It is certainly not a perfect world. It is much easier to pay a contribution (money, time, etc) to a cause than it is to live and believe it’s ideals. I have been doing a fair bit of reading about Gandhi lately and not many that I have seen in this day and age come close to that kind of devotion to a cause. Certainly Al Gore can never be held to the same yardstick but who knows, maybe someone out there will truly stick up for this cause one day soon (and  hopefully in a constructive meaningful way).

    Anyway, as a closing note, I was actually given the tickets last minute and wound up there completely by accident. If not I probably would have little to no opinion on this. Having gone and seen the bands (at least in NY) I can say that it was a great show and the overall message was very overwhelmingly eco-friendly. If even 1% of the population picks up anything from it I say it was a great success.

  • 09Jul

    Man for something that seems to be trying to spread a positive message Live Earth sure has received more than its share of bashes. Fred Wilson boycotted it, Tim Marman bashed it, Bob Lefsetz went on a rant about it (amongst other various complaints), the Arctic Monkeys called it hypocrisy and about a dozen or more comments or posts I have read have been way less than positive.

    What confuses me is how all of them seem to miss the point that it may have actually raised awareness of some of the issues and simple ways to reduce overall energy consumption. Throughout the concert and on the website there were constant plugs for how to do better on a small scale. Sure a lot of that was mixed with a commercial message but at least the commercial message was for more environmentally friendly products. With the dozens of other summer music festivals I have been to there has never been a positive social message as the theme. Sure there was the typical consumption involved in a concert and of course the performers consumed massive amounts of energy to put on their show but, I say so what, they would have done it anyway right? At least this started conversations and continues to keep global warming in the collective conscience. All the previous big concerts like this have been strictly about entertainment with little to no theme or message.

    Contrast that with Live Earth and the potential benefits of even a tiny percent of the Earths population gaining some knowledge of the little things that they can do in their every day lives to reduce their impact on the environment and I have to say it was worth it.

    Oh and for all of you who say there was no one worth going to see, you sure missed a great show 😉

    Check out more photos on Flickr here.

    PS We took public transportation there and back along with thousands of others.