• 01May

    Had a great night out last night with Lana. Since getting our regular babysitter back we have started to get out again and I have to say it is awesome to be in NY. Being able to step outside your door and have thousands of places to go makes date night pretty sweet (and has the added bonus of being able to be a slacker on the plans). 

    When we hit the street yesterday all we knew is that we were going to walk down to the Village and find somewhere new. This is sometimes harder than it sounds for us. After wandering all over the West Village and then down Bleecker we wound up outside a fairly nondescript restaurant called Gus’ Place. Since we both love Greek we decided to give it a shot. Turned out to be a good call. Started with some Saganaki, Lemon Soup, salad and Greek wine (all amazing, but the Saganaki won in my books). Then moved onto Souvlaki. Lana had lamb, I had chicken. Both were great. To finish it up we had some Chocolate Baclava with Greek yogurt. We will definitely be going back there :-)

  • 20Oct

    We are taking the girls shopping today for some Halloween costumes. When I told Emma we were taking her shopping today she got very excited. She then proceeded to ask Lana if we had signed her up for shopping :-)

    For some reason I dont think she will need to be signed up for any sort of shopping. The instinct seems to come naturally to this one.

  • 13Oct

    Went and saw an old friend from high school at a Students for a Free Tibet benefit on Wednesday. I have mentioned Lhadon on here before when she was being ejected from China for her pro Tibet work. They gave a very moving talk and hosted us with some drinks and appys before and after. The timing was good I guess and Lhadon offered us tickets to go see the Dalai Lama while he is in town giving teachings. Lana and I are splitting them up as one of us has to stay and cover the girls. I am going to a teaching today with Todd and then another tomorrow with Murray. Lana is going to go to the last talk which is a public talk on peace and prosperity.

    I am really looking forward to it and will try to give my impressions of it here afterwards.

  • 05Oct

    Well it took about a week and a half to get back on top of everything but I feel like I am finally there. Not reacting to stuff rather initiating it now. Thank god because I hate not knowing what is going on or feeling out of the loop. Seems like when you leave for a bit things are never the way you left them :-)

    On another note we have a friend in from out of town. Todd is hanging out at Murray’s house for the next 10 days or so and if the last trip was any indication we better stock up on beer (and I mean lots of it). With babulya coming down Lana should be able to get out for a night or two with us all as well. Woohoo!

  • 29Sep

    Well we made it back from the vacation safe and sound. It was nice to take the time away and just hang with the family but it is nice to be back as well. So many things going on at work, the girls have a whole new set of classes and the city itself is buzzing. It doesnt hurt that the weather has been positively Summer like as well.

    All in all its been an excellent start to Autumn. I hope everyone else is doing well and thanks again to everybody who hosted us on our trip. It was truly a pleasure to see you all and we look forward to doing it again soon eh!

  • 31Jul

    Since moving to NY three months ago we have gone out more than we did in the entire preceding 3 years. Whether it is a simple night out for appies and drinks or a trip to see the String Cheese Incident we have definitely been taking advantage of the city life. Tonight we are going to see one of Lana’s favorites, Rocco Deluca at the Bowery Ballroom.

    Cannot wait!

  • 30Jul

    We did it. We finally booked our trip up to Canada. The last time we went there on vacation was when Emma was about 3 months old (about 3 years ago actually). That trip saw about a dozen or more people migrate up to Edmonton to see us (or more realistically Emma).

    This time we are heading to the coast of BC to see everyone. It should be pretty neat. Flying into Seattle then taking the Coho from Port Angeles to the town I grew up in, Victoria. Should be a whirlwind of good times and good people kicking off with Lana’s bday on the 12th.

    We cannot wait to get up there and see everyone. The last time I visited Victoria was for a funeral and the time before that for a wedding. Both times were very rushed and didnt provide much time to visit. Looking forward to getting a chance to really catch up with everyone!

  • 16Jul

    A million balls in the air right now it seems (mostly work). And the beauty of it is that it all seems somewhat manageable. I think since moving into the city I have just that much more time on my hands to get done what needs to get done. To top it all of it is my birthday on Thursday!

    Right now I dont think I could imagine a much nicer summer. Enjoying my girls, the city and the life.