• 31Jan
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    A good friend of mine is the director of a non-profit organization called Students for a Free Tibet. They do education and activism to further the cause of bringing freedom to the people of Tibet. This year with the worlds attention on the Beijing Olympics in China they have a lot on the go to make sure the Chinese oppression in Tibet is conveyed to the world.

    At the moment they are in a heated battle to win a $50K prize in a giving contest. If you can spare the time and money they would greatly appreciate a donation. It could mean they wind up winning their single largest grant in the history of the organization. Having visited with them I can tell you they run very lean and the money will definitely be put to work for the cause.

    Please donate here.

  • 16Oct

    Had a blah day yesterday. Too many phone calls meetings and unpleasantries. Today is going to be much much better. I can just feel it :-)

    Also managed to get a book ordered about Buddhism in every day life and another by the Dalai Lama. As some of you may have read below I went to see some of his teachings at Radio City last weekend. I think there may be something there in that whole serving other sentient beings and doing no harm. It seems to work for him as he seemed quite at peace with himself and enlightened to the point of laughter. We shall see though once I get a chance to dive a little deeper.

    P.S. GO SOX!

  • 14Oct

    Well just got back from my the last teaching session by the Dalai Lama at Radio City and I have to say it was amazing. I didnt get to see all 5 sessions but did go yesterday to the afternoon one.

    Yesterdays session was very intensive in analyzing the 70 verses on Sunyata. As a matter of fact we spent so much time on the first 20 or so we ran out of time. To be honest it was very hard to follow for the un-indoctrinated but to be there and see a packed hall hanging on His Holiness’s every word was awe inspiring. At the end of the session he cracked a joke or two said a prayer and was off.

    Today’s session was equally as inspiring and thankfully, a lot easier to follow and understand. He started by taking questions and at one point was very delighted that he had been asked on how we could take his teachings out into the streets and into our every day lives. He said he had been meaning to do this and now he felt right to do so. Apparently it is a buddhist tradition to only teach things that have been asked about. Since we had asked he felt ok instructing us on that topic (he got a good laugh out of this one)

    After his Q&A he then went on to finish reading the Stone Cutter Sutra which I guess he had started at a previous session. This was really amazing. With little or no interpretation he just read in his native Tibetan language. At times his voice seemed to hit surreal notes and his pace was amazing. The entire place was following the story even though a good portion of us did not speak the language.

    He then went on and finished up the 70 verses with larger generalizations and explanations of groups of verses as opposed to diving too deep on any particular one. It was much easier for me to understand and we quickly ran through the last 50 (number 70 really pulled it together :-)).

    Then to end it off he gave personal advice on how to live and take his teachings with you in everyday life. This for me was the best part. It gave a really interesting glimpse into buddhism and the degrees to which you can adopt some of its tenets to make your life that much better. He stressed that quite heavily actually that the religion did not matter as much as the commitment to serving others and doing no harm.

    After the teachings were officially over there were several prayers and then Richard Gere gave a speech which amongst other things mentioned that he has agreed to return to NY in 3 years for 10 days of teachings. That would be quite an experience to be sure.

    Not sure what to take away from it all but I have to say it was quite a moving experience. Much of what he spoke of really rings true and can actually be applied to everyday life. If you get a chance to see him dont hesitate. He is truly larger than life and a man of true spirituality.

  • 13Oct

    Went and saw an old friend from high school at a Students for a Free Tibet benefit on Wednesday. I have mentioned Lhadon on here before when she was being ejected from China for her pro Tibet work. They gave a very moving talk and hosted us with some drinks and appys before and after. The timing was good I guess and Lhadon offered us tickets to go see the Dalai Lama while he is in town giving teachings. Lana and I are splitting them up as one of us has to stay and cover the girls. I am going to a teaching today with Todd and then another tomorrow with Murray. Lana is going to go to the last talk which is a public talk on peace and prosperity.

    I am really looking forward to it and will try to give my impressions of it here afterwards.

  • 08Aug

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Lhadon Tethong since we went to highschool together. I just read on her blog that she was detained recently by the Chinese authorities while traveling in Beijing. Here is a snippet from the beginning of the press release and also a link to her blog.


    Hong Kong – On the day of the one-year countdown to the Beijing 2008 Olympics, Lhadon Tethong, a prominent Tibetan independence activist and the Executive Director of Students for a Free Tibet, was detained in Beijing. Ms. Tethong was picked up by Chinese authorities together with her colleague Paul Golding, a long-time advocate of Tibetan freedom, and taken to a Beijing police station. MORE

    You go Lhad!