• 06Nov

    It seems like over the last several months and especially weeks I have been meeting a ton of new people. I have gone through times like this in the past (moving to a new city, starting a company, etc) but this time is different in that it is all largely based off of social media (think Facebook, Twitter, blogging, etc). My new friends vary hugely in age, occupation, geography and pretty much other thing you could think of. Some are still only friends through one forum yet others have transcended most of the forums and now can actually be considered “real world” friends (whatever that means now). Whether it has been one off business/networking lunches with people I meet online or attending whole events focused around it I am really enjoying this new social experience. Looking forward to connecting with tons more of you in the near future.

  • 29Oct

    Wow! What an amazing time. I only got to attend for the first day but I really had a blast. Also to give credit where it is due, I dont think the experience would have been quite the same without Twitter. I wound up chatting and eating with some folks that I have followed for a while and others that I literally started following while we were chatting. I continue to be amazed at the power of this simple application to forge new connections and avenues for discussions.

    Anyways, big kudos to Chris Brogan, Chris Penn and all the rest of the Podcamp organizers. Definitely well worth it!

  • 31May


    As a follow up to my Facebook post I am amazed at the last week or so that I have spent online. Since starting the blog I have had over 100 individuals visit the site. A lot of those have come through referrals from other sites or social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and MyBlogLog primarily).

    Since starting to Twitter I have made 111 updates. I have 50 some odd people I follow and about 30+ who follow me. Some I know directly, some only online and some not at all outside of Twitter.

    On Facebook I have just about 60 friends ranging from folks I went to elementary school with to VC’s that I pitched for our last round of funding. I am seeing pictures of friends and their families, writing on their walls, laughing with my cousin. Amazing interactions considering that last week there was next to none between us.

    LinkedIn which was my primary online network before I started this blog a couple weeks ago is still the largest for me with well over 150 connections. I have used it to find jobs, reconnect, get advice amongst other things.

    I know the Twitter and Facebook numbers are pretty low compared to a lot of online folks but it is still mind boggling to me. With a little bit of effort I have been able to use these tools to not only seek out but in many cases connect or re-connect with a large number of people in very short time. Whats also really interesting to me is that it seems to be snowballing with many of my Facebook and Twitter connections having recently joined. Should be interesting to see how this all evolves.

  • 27May

    Wow. It took me a while to get on board with this one but my network on here seems to be spreading like wildfire.

    I am finding people on there who I honestly had never expected to hear from or know of again. People from South Park Elementary, Oak Bay High School, my work time in Vancouver and even more recent friends like Jeff Pulver. And for whatever reason it seems like more and more people from way back are jumping online. Heck I even found a group of people planning a 13 year reunion for my HS grad class. Freaking amazing!

    Now I just need some tighter integration between WordPress, Twitter and Facebook. Seems like that is coming along with the Facebook Apps.

  • 26May
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    • Just decompressing at the office. Decent pub crawl with Murr through the village and soho. Lana, Tad and Todd you were sorely missed. #
    • Home sweet home! Good night all. #
    • Popped into the office to do a few things. Its a blessing and a curse living next door to work I guess. Overall its positive though. #
    • @devlond: I am guessing you dont have kids then eh? #
    • Chilling with Pink Ruby watching some cartoons. #
    • Beer run! #
    • Just had some killer fish and chips from the Black Pearl on 26th and 6th. Dont get cod hungry, go for the halibut! #
  • 25May
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    • Just waiting for some BBQ from RUB. Mmm, pulled pork… #
    • Watching some fish fileting on the food network #
    • Good morning all. TGIF. #
    • At work, getting ready for a call with our India QA team. #
    • Loving the new Linkin Park album. Little heavy but definitely good stuff. Rocking out trying to understand a thick Indian accent. Yeow! #
    • Is it time for lunch yet? Starving over here. #
    • Just wandered outside. Traffic on 6th avenue is a nightmare. Glad I am not driving anywhere today. #
    • Finally home. Watching the traffic creep up 6th ave with the girls. Photo here http://www.jesses-space.com/. #
    • Just had some SuperMac (www.supermacnyc.com). Ordered from the one on 7th just above 28th. Macciriffic! #
  • 24May
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    • Hanging out, blogging, surfing… the usual. #
    • Quick foray into the streets of Manhattan to get Haagen Dazs. Mission completed. #
    • Good morning Twitterites. Another clear blue sky to start the day. Life is good. Time for some tea. #
    • Board meeting today. Woohoo! #
    • 2 hour board meeting. Gotta be a new record. #
  • 22May
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    • Watching the final 24. Sometimes its not about the plot and more about the situation. 24 is one of those things for me. #
    • Watching the sun start to hit the buildings in the meat packing district and beyond. Good morning NY. #
    • My daughter just came into the bathroom saying “Where you taking me” and “Daddy no work?”. I think she is trying to tell me something. #
    • Cranking away in our weekly IT meeting. #
    • Got quoted in AdAge. Apparently my next calling is to build a better video search engine. Interesting but I think someone will beat me to it #
    • Just got back from lunch. Met with a great product person. Blogged about needing one this morning. Talk about instant gratification. #
    • @chrisbrogan: Yeah I think they work at IAC though… #
  • 22May

    Came across Grace Piper of Fearless Cooking on Twitter. Anyone who knows me knows I love cooking shows. Definitely well worth a watch.

    That is some good spatchcocking right there.

  • 21May
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    • Just polished off a tray of two bite pecan pie thingies. Grand total of 24 bites. Murray you missed dessert bud. #
    • Wow. Go away for a morning and look what you wind up with. Tons of commentary and insights. Twitterific! #
    • BTW, if you ever have to renew your drivers license in Manhattan I recommend the license xpress on 34th. In and out in 1/2 hour. Sweet. #
    • Musing on patents up on my blog. Ahh the obviousness test. http://www.jesses-space.com/?p=26 #
    • @chrisbrogan: Well Video on the Net has to make the list. From there it gets dicey. Seems like there are a million vid conferences now. #
    • Cuban just called The Donald out on his blog http://tinyurl.com/248hq9. Hilarious. #