• 28Jun

    Screenspace that is. In my quest to be ever more productive and very much geeky at the same time I tricked out my office a bit. Took an old receiver and speakers and installed 5:1 surround sound system. Then I added another video card to the PC and put a 3rd monitor on my desk. Something was still missing though. Since I had a connection for yet another monitor I got creative. As you can see in the picture below I bought a wall mount and put the 4th monitor on the wall. I can now drag powerpoints, videos etc up to the wall to watch or show to others.

    I don’t know how much more productive I will be but it sure is geeky!

  • 21Jun
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    There is a vacant lot on our street which always has some sort of upcoming show or movie advertisement plastered to it. Yesterday I started to get people coming up to me in the office asking me if I had seen the poster of me down the street. I didnt think to much about it until Emerson sent me a photo of it he took on his phone. Holy crap! That was my exact response. Of course I had to go down and take a few snapshots myself.

    About an hour later my partner Jason calls up and says “Hey do you know your famous?” Apparently this poster is all over town. Too funny!

  • 19Jun

    As most or some or maybe all of you know I work for a startup called Tremor Media. Every month we get together all the relevant metrics we can gather, list all our accomplishments, tally all the revenue numbers and package it up into a set of slides, spreadsheets and other related materials. It is an interesting exercise to have to examine what you have done over the last month and boil down the most interesting or relevant items. It then even gets more interesting to examine it at a macro level.

    Thankfully we work with some very strong VC firms (Masthead and Canaan) and have great representatives working with us on our board. It is definitely the most high level insight I have gotten into the inner workings of a BoD for a startup company. It doesnt hurt that we are in a white hot space with innovation and acquisitions occurring at every turn.

    Never a dull moment that is for sure!

    UPDATED: Yeah the whole point of this long winded post, I have a board meeting tomorrow. Expect low twitterage and less blogging :-)

  • 17Jun
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    Like billions of other men out there I can include myself in the father category. I have the luck to have two wonderful little girls. One is one and the other is three. They are my world and every day I get to spend with them is the best ever.

    I am also lucky enough to have my father still around. He is not actually physically very close but even if we dont talk for a month or more we still are as close as any father and son out there. I love him and every time we get together we have a blast. I hope to see him soon.

    The other father in my life is my granddad Arthur Rowe. He gave us all a bit of a scare last year. Right after my great grandmother passed away last autumn my granddad fell while shoveling snow and broke his hip. Talk about bad luck! Luckily he has recovered nicely and is back to his old tricks. They are moving to Victoria this summer so when I go up there with the family we should get to see him. Again, I cannot wait.

    My great grandma used to say ‘The harder I work the luckier I get’. I didnt think that really applied here but the more I think about it the more I realize it does. It takes a lot of work to make a relationship so special. I certainly realize now how much work goes into being a father. The more time I spend at it the better I think it is for my girls. I hope they feel lucky to have me as a dad.

    Happy fathers day everyone!

  • 14Jun

    I love gadgets! Phones, PDAs, MP3 Players, Cameras, Camcorders, PCs, Laptops and any combination of any of the previously mentioned items are my favorite.

    I purchased the new phone recently and wound up digging out all my old phones from the last 5 years. Took a picture of them all lined up with my new camera phone.

    I find it interesting that I started with a Motorola flip phone and have reverted to them for the last couple phones (I do still keep a XV6700 Pocket PC for mobile email and of course my built in mobile broadband for my laptop).

  • 14Jun

    This was written by my wife Lana and posted on our family blog. I just had to cross post.

    “Eva is at the great age when she mimics everything that we do, especially Emma. I call her my monkey and she even responds to that name. She thinks it’s pretty funny when I call her that. Emma is the center of Eva’s little world. She wants to be just like Emma. She wants to play with the same toy Emma is playing, eat the same things Emma is eating, get dressed when Emma gets dressed, etc. This morning was no different. Eva saw that Emma was putting on a t-shirt ‘all by herself’ and she wanted to do the same, so she grabbed the first thing that she saw (which was a pair of Emma’s underware) and started to pull them over her head. Jesse had to help her only a little bit. This is what she looked like at breakfast:”

  • 13Jun
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    Picked up a new camera phone yesterday. My biggest beef with all my phones to date is the crappy cameras included. The one on my pocket pc is probably the best but still not great. All my moblogging has been done with that to date. No more!

    The new Razr has a 2.0 megapixel camera and a bunch of other nifty features. It is the closest thing I have ever seen to an actual camera in the phone (effects and even editing included). Check out my latest flickr shots to see how the photos look.

  • 11Jun

    This goes out to the Georgia attorney general. I don’t normally get caught too caught up in mainstream news but some things really just bug me.

    Not sure who out there has been following the Genarlow Wilson case but for those of you who have you know that a kid is sitting in prison for little reason other than an antiquated law and an extremely overzealous prosecution. For those of you don’t know what I am talking about here is a link to the recent story on CNN about the case.

    Basically it comes down to two teens having consensual sex and one of them being placed in jail for 10 years and labeled as a sex offender. Never mind that this would probably have gone nowhere had Genarlow been white but the law that he was prosecuted under has been replaced.

    Yesterday a judge basically freed Genarlow based on the absurdities of the case and punishment. The attorney general then took it upon himself to further detain him based on knit picking legalities. Motivations for doing this escape me. That is why I stick by statement in the title, what an ass.

    UPDATED: Looks like others had pretty much the same sentiment to make about Thurbert Baker (the AG for Georgia). Check out other reactions here, here and here.

  • 08Jun

    Got out on my blades this morning and went up the west side highway for a bit (technically the Hudson River Park I guess). Felt great to get out and really cruise. Did some sprints and also just enjoyed striding along. Amazing morning to be out to.

    Fred Wilson went photobiking along the same route a little bit before me and has some great shots up on flickr (one of which is featured above).

    What a way to start the day!

  • 07Jun
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    Had lunch at ‘wichcraft today. Awesome sandwiches!