• 11May
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    So after sending V-Moda an email and putting up the previous blog post I got the exact same pre-canned response to both. One was via comment to the last post and the other was via email. Both went as follows.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced. If your headphones fall under our 1 Year V-MODA Premiere Warranty, we will be more than happy to send you a replacement.

    Please file a warranty claim on our website at http://shop.v-moda.com/t-returns.aspx

    There, you will find a link that says “warranty return” in blue. Click on that link and it should direct you to an online warranty form. Once you fill that out and submit it, you will receive an email from us with all the necessary information on returning your headphones for a replacement.

    Thanks for being a part of V-MODA culture.

    Rock On,


    Neither addressed the fact that I do not have a receipt as I clearly stated nor the much larger problem that they keep putting out defective products that break under regular usage within a really short time frame. The latter to me being the larger part of the problem. 


    Also, V-Moda, here is a tip, read the customer feedback next time. I mean really, if you’re going to to outreach to blogs or respond to customer emails at least have a human response that takes into consideration the problem instead of a script.


    Thanks for actually READING this post.


    Rock On.

  • 11May
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    A letter I sent to V-Moda regarding some headphones I purchased from them. Loved the headphones but hated the fact that they seem to break within six months under regular usage. 

    Just writing in regards to your V-Moda Vibe Dual headphones. I have purchased 2 sets of these headphones and have been disappointed to have both of them have the audio stop working in one of the earpieces. The first set had the straight jack on them and it looks like the wire got worked back and forth enough that it must have broken off inside. Unfortunately I had lost the receipt so was told that you would not replace them (even though they are clearly V-moda headphones and that product line was less than a year old). I then went back to using my stock headphones until I couldnt stand them any longer. At that point I went back in the market for premium headphones and saw that you had tried to fix the design flaw of the first one by changing up the form factor at the top of the jack. Having had generally positive experiences with your product sound-wise and seeing as you were at the right price point I thought I would give it another try. Yet again though I have been disappointed by the headphones not being able to deal with regular day to day usage. Unfortunately for me I again am unable to find the receipt so I am now going to be spending another bunch of money to replace your defective product. Unfortunately for you all though I will not be buying v-moda products again and will be advising my friends to do the same. 


    Just thought you should know.

    Not expecting much but what the heck. It’s good to vent anyway. 
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