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    There are certain advantages to living right in the thick of things here in Manhattan. Whether it be amazing food, access to the cities parks/attractions, the nightlife or pretty much anything you can think of, it is all at your doorstep.

    This past weekend I took Emma to her first musical. It was a play based on one of her favorite cartoons, Max and Ruby. She absolutely loved it. For a whole hour she sat mesmerized by the actors singing and dancing. At the end she decided we had to go back.

    To my point though about the advantages of living where we do. To get there we hopped in a cab outside our house and got dropped off in the village. A quick walk and we were at the theater. After the show was over we walked over, found another cab and then stopped for burgers at the restaurant at the base of our building. The whole trip took less than 2 1/2 hours. It was simple easy and pleasant. Not only that but there are a dozen other things just like that that I can start taking her to now. When we lived in CT that just wasnt the case.

    I gotta say, I love NY!

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  • thanks for sharing the experience, jesse. i love to hear stories about NY. i can’t wait to visit. we’re heading up to boston in april for a 50th wedding anniversary. i’d really like to visit manhattan and pretend i live there for a day. maybe you can hook me up with some advice on what to see if we make it?

  • Hey Fernando,

    Definitely let me know when you guys are swinging through this neck of the woods. Will definitely give some tips and would even be down to meetup for a beer or two.


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