• 06Nov

    It seems like over the last several months and especially weeks I have been meeting a ton of new people. I have gone through times like this in the past (moving to a new city, starting a company, etc) but this time is different in that it is all largely based off of social media (think Facebook, Twitter, blogging, etc). My new friends vary hugely in age, occupation, geography and pretty much other thing you could think of. Some are still only friends through one forum yet others have transcended most of the forums and now can actually be considered “real world” friends (whatever that means now). Whether it has been one off business/networking lunches with people I meet online or attending whole events focused around it I am really enjoying this new social experience. Looking forward to connecting with tons more of you in the near future.

  • 29Oct

    Wow! What an amazing time. I only got to attend for the first day but I really had a blast. Also to give credit where it is due, I dont think the experience would have been quite the same without Twitter. I wound up chatting and eating with some folks that I have followed for a while and others that I literally started following while we were chatting. I continue to be amazed at the power of this simple application to forge new connections and avenues for discussions.

    Anyways, big kudos to Chris Brogan, Chris Penn and all the rest of the Podcamp organizers. Definitely well worth it!